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Denise De Baun

The Intersection of Innovation and Sleep

Denise De Baun, CEO of Helight USA, is a trailblazer in consumer products with over four decades of expertise in the beauty and wellness industry. Currently leading Helight USA, a pioneer in red light therapy, Denise champions transformative wellness and a life powered by sleep with their revolutionary Red Light Sleep Therapy™, enhancing sleep quality for thousands. An inventor on three patents, Denise's novel work includes Beautypaste®, which offers skincare through toothpaste, and Sustainable Youth®, a line of organic, science-based anti-aging products. Her extensive career includes critical roles at global brands such as Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret, as well as creating innovative fragrance launches with Calvin Klein. Denise continues to shape the future of beauty and wellness with an emphasis on transformative health, innovation, science, and sustainability.

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