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James Durham

It could NEVER happen to me

A Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor: 9/22/11, Motivational Speaker, and TBI One Love founder: support organization connecting, educating, inspiring brain injury survivors and caregivers from over 14 countries, James Durham shares his experience and techniques in how to turn survival of a brain injury, any life-changing event, and/or simply life itself into positive, successful, and significant outcomes.  James continues to help, encourage, and inspire others touched by a Brain Injury or any disability from across the world who he has individual relationships with.  In speaking, James shares his own experience of overcoming great obstacles after a 5 week coma, the new challenges and differences, along with the necessary components needed to help others have hope and success in any trials they may face. The example James presents in his own experience and outcome is beneficial for anyone in overcoming and/or simply changing perspectives in life’s true meaning and purpose.

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