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Justin W Atherton

The Suspect Within: How to Interrogate Yourself

Justin Atherton has over 18 years of law enforcement experience, including roles in SWAT, investigations, and leadership. Justin honed his skills in high-stress environments where integrity is paramount. As a detective, Justin mastered techniques such as reading body language and micro-expressions, crucial for extracting truthful, accurate, detailed information. A major theme of his career has been training, whether that was training officers one-on-one, instructing groups of officers on leadership and communications, or developing and overseeing entire training programs. With a love for teaching, Justin founded Confidence Unchained, dedicated to sharing leadership insights derived from his law enforcement tenure. His training empowers professionals, from business leaders to entrepreneurs, applying law enforcement principles to enhance personal and organizational effectiveness. Justin challenges individuals and teams to embrace their potential through strategic leadership focused on their language.

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