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We are pleased to invite you to be one of the sponsors for our upcoming 2022 TEDx Southlake and TEDx Youth Southlake events!
The TEDx event this year will be hosted on September 11th by Share a Smile (SAS) Charity.  SAS is a Carroll ISD high school students-led non-profit whose mission is “To make Smiles attainable and sustainable.” This year, we are working towards this mission through various Youth empowerment activities, including leading the TEDx events.

We know how important it is to succeed in businesses, and we value your business presence, perseverance and practice. This year, as speakers from various industries across the globe will be present, we would like to offer you one of the world's most inspiring platforms to showcase your brand - TEDx.  TEDx is the only place where you can give back to the community for the growth of youth development, and also take your brand to the next level.

Please email or text the sponsorship committee if you have any questions about the event or sponsorship amount.  

Thank you 
TEDx Southlake Sponsorship Committee

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