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What Sets Us Apart

  1. Inclusivity: We're the only TEDx event where young leaders and seasoned professionals share insights on a common stage.

  2. Expert Coaching: Our skilled team—comprising Shilpa Singh, Lynda Warner, Shiv Paul, Lori Preston, and Uma Devireddy—guides speakers in crafting impactful narratives.

  3. Student-Led: Our events are as much by students as they are for them. Young talents lead various aspects, from Marketing to Production.

  4. Community-Driven: TEDx Southlake provides free coaching, making TEDx accessible to everyone.


Welcome to TEDx Southlake:

A Platform for All Generations


Our Legacy

In three years, we've showcased 58 student speakers and 20 executives. Their ideas have ignited conversations and fostered a community of thinkers.

Join Us

As we embark on our 4th year, we invite you to be part of this enriching experience. Whether you're a speaker, volunteer, or attendee, there’s a place for you at TEDx Southlake. Let’s shape a world where ideas and leadership are boundless. Welcome to TEDx Southlake.

No upcoming events at the moment
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